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What We Do

Welcome to the Stephanopoulos group. Our laboratory works on the design, synthesis, and application of functional nanomaterials using self-assembling molecules from biology. We are particularly interested in protein-DNA and peptide-DNA hybrids, integrating the programmability of DNA nanotechnology with the functionality and chemical diversity of proteins. Central to our work is the development of synthetic methods for the seamless integration of biomolecules with oligonucleotides. As a result, the research is highly interdisciplinary, and sits at the interface of self-assembly, organic synthesis and bioconjugation chemistry, biology, (bio)engineering, and nanoscience.


Our long-term goal is to build integrated nanostructures that either mimic the complexity of cells and biological machines, or that can interact with biological systems in novel and impactful ways. Our materials have applications in medicine, biomedicine, energy, and fundamental supramolecular chemistry. The philosophy of our lab is highly “biokleptic”: adapting biological principles and especially molecules to design new materials that borrow from, and even surpass nature. Visit our “Research” section for more in-depth descriptions of specific areas.

Group Photo, April, 2022

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